The time for taking hold of information at the enterprise level is upon us and the "shoot from the hip" improvement philosophy of the past will no longer sustain organizations as technology rapidly advances and change becomes the norm. We provide the foothold required to transform the entire lifecycle over time and become the basis of continuous operational improvement.
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If the Department of Defense (DoD) fails to adapt fast enough, wargaming suggest mission failure and unacceptable risks to the Joint Force. The rules-based international order so many have fought to defend may disintegrate in our national interests will be significantly challenged. Unless we accelerate the changes we need, the U.S. Services will be ill-prepared to compete, deter, and win. As a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned small business this is it at the heart of our work. We must Accelerate Change or we will Lose. As a Nation we must rise to the challenges of tomorrow's highly competitive and highly contested environment.

"Victory smiles upon those who anticipate the change in the character of war, not upon those who wait to adapt themselves after the changes occur."
- Giulio Douhet

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